Orto Trading Co. (Surry Hills)

Years back, Orto Trading Co. was a staple for my friends and I. With its concealed location (advantageous for facilitating private conversations, when people-watching is off the menu), its frontage is anything but – and its al fresco garden area – comfortable for any lunchtime configuration. On this occasion I noticed an ever-so-slight dip in… Continue reading

Natty’s Cafe (Stanmore)

A stone’s throw from the horrendous sounds of nearby Parramatta Road, Natty’s Cafe service the surrounding commercial and residential streets of Stanmore, in what is beginning to become a hotbed of competition for the suburbs affections. Who would have thought Stanmore had competition in anything besides attaining junk mail. Now with Natty’s, I revel simply… Continue reading

Pana Chocolate (Alexandria)

Raw, Organic and Vegan are three words that I tend to ignore in my day-to-day life, unless I’m at Pana Chocolate in Alexandria, where it’s literally impossible to do so. But why turn down an opportunity to broaden my horizons and satiate the appetite of my vegan best friend? Well, there may be a few… Continue reading

Buffalo Dining Club (Darlinghurst)

Every now and then one needs a quick reminder of some of their city’s finest go-tos. For me, one of those is Buffalo Dining Club. For the last since-I-can-remember I’ve frequented this enclave of casual elegance – hidden in plain sight – just off Victoria Street, Darlinghurst. The ordering style here is simple. No fuss,… Continue reading

Pizza Madre (Marrickville)

Adjacent the mayhem that is the Sydenham and Victoria Road intersection, our conversation struggles to compete with the flight path directly above our heads. The small interior of the venue jam-packed with local families and chaotic kiddos had persuaded us to dine al fresco. If only my dinner companion could hear me better, I was explaining… Continue reading

West Juliett (Marrickville)

I could throw a severed top-knot while blindfolded and hit a decent cafe, from wherever I stood in my neighbouring suburb of Marrickville. Stumbling across an exceptional cafe however, occurs far less often, in any suburb. West Juliett is one of those exceptions.   I’d arrived late for lunch the day before, and had begrudgingly… Continue reading

Lumi Bar & Dining (Pyrmont)

It’s not often I dine ‘fine’, as it tends to reside on the ‘showy’ side of the culinary world, that rarely incites interest from me. However, this was my two-year anniversary with my fiancé, so the occasion called for it. Celebrating this milestone at Lumi Bar & Dining proved a prudent choice on this evening…. Continue reading

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon (Paris)

Robuchon is a hard name to avoid in the French (and world) culinary scene, and it’s a level of recognition well deserved. The first time I had the privilege of dining here, I had my fucking socks knocked off with the simplest of dishes done to absolute perfection. Steak and Mash. Often when something so… Continue reading