The Owl House ‘Paired Whiskey Degustation’

Allow me to preface this review by saying I know nothing about Whiskey. And I’ve always been jealous of people who do. It seems like a fitting beverage for a man of my gallant and wit 😉 – so I recently embarked on the ‘Degustation with Paired Whiskey’, at my favourite watering hole The Owl House, in an effort to shift my knowledge from lacking to encyclopedic. I may be getting slightly ahead of myself.

To get us started on the booze end (I’d already started) we were met with a ‘Rusty Nail Sphere’, a Whiskey cocktail concoction fashioned into a spherical ball of icy goodness. Crackingly good (you crack it).

The first of four dishes to arrive is Haggis Reconstructed, and boasts both Duck and Quail, so I’m game. This is served with a Whiskey French 95 cocktail. Down the hatch far too easily I must say.

Haggis Reconstructed
Haggis Reconstructed

The broth in the Mushroom Consommé with Abalone and Scallop Dumplings was as smooth, sexy and sweet as The Weeknd’s new album. This happened to be the stand out for me. Came with Nikka from the barrel, served neat, a full-bodied, blended Japanese Whiskey that packed a punch.

Mushroom Consommé with Abalone and Scallop Dumplings
Mushroom Consommé with Abalone and Scallop Dumplings

“Duck with Cherry” always reminds me of gourmet night at Fawlty Towers, but I imagine this version (with a Whiskey sauce) would have had the Colonel and Mrs. Hall singing a different tune. Remember, if you don’t like duck, you’re rather stuck. Paired with a Talisker ‘Port Ruighe’ Rob Roy cocktail ensured a fine accompaniment.

Duck with Cherry
Duck with Cherry

An entremets of the traditional ‘Blood and Sand’ cocktail (Sorbet Remix), cleanses the palate nicely before the Chocolate Mousse with honeycomb and nut brownie… infuriatingly good. This was served alongside a glass of 1994 Glendornach aged in PX casks. I’ve never had a Whiskey like this; it took my breath away both physically and figuratively.

Moreover, I’m informed by owner and proprietor Amir Halpert that this degustation evening is one of many in a long line of monthly degustation nights, set for the third Thursday of every month, and covering some fascinating and downright ingenious themes. NB. You might catch me at the Pink Floyd Degustation whenever that happens. I may be tripping though, so don’t talk to me.

** The Next Degustation night at The Owl House will be Thursday January 21st. To book for the six course Sake degustation Click Here.

The Owl House
97 Crown Street.
Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010


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