L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon (Paris)

Robuchon is a hard name to avoid in the French (and world) culinary scene, and it’s a level of recognition well deserved. The first time I had the privilege of dining here, I had my fucking socks knocked off with the simplest of dishes done to absolute perfection. Steak and Mash.

Often when something so simple is done to perfection, it surprises you even more than if it were a dish you’d never had before. After my first Robuchon steak, I felt as though I’d never really had a steak before. It turned out this was my first time trying mashed potatoes! How about that? This time round, I seek to prove my bewilderment to my skeptical yet open-minded carnivorous girlfriend.


We begin with entrees as a direct result of whythefucknot?

I swing curiously toward the unbelievably decadent Egg dish subtitled “Cocotte en “Carbonara” Onctueuse” which is basically a Carbonara sauce in a martini glass. Sounds heavy. Is.


My scamp wisely selects the ‘La Langoustine’ (en ravioli truffé à l’étuvée de chou vert), which is basically a Scampi Ravioli stuffed with green cabbage. Let’s just say she’s lucky there were two of them.


The steaks arrive. Beneath the seemingly unnecessary (albeit meticulous) presentation, lies one of the best pieces of beef you’ll find anywhere.


With a handful of options, we decide to split the difference.


The famous Pomme Puree – a stalwart at any sagacious L’Atelier diner’s table – proved the only element with the ability to distract my mind from the main.


Finally, as much as the “Le Chocolat ‘Sensation’ avec un sorbet bitter sur un crémeaux Araguani.” looks like a living-room piece from a 1908s unrenovated bachelor pad, a shout-out has to go to its rich but balanced flavour.


Come & drop some coin.


L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon

Address: Hôtel du Pont Royal

5 Rue Montalembert

75007 Paris, France

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