Barzaari (Marrickville)

A Marrickville gem I’d been meaning to get around to, presented itself as an opportunity last week, when a casual mid-week dinner with my father was in order. He likes to talk about wine and planes during dinner, so Barzaari was a great choice to enjoy a few glasses with our meal, right underneath the flight plath.

The interior of Barzaari appears to have drawn inspiration from every cliché interior design foible to create a mosaic of modern marvels. Nonetheless, that’s not what we’re here for.

First up, some Pita Bread which came out as hot and crisp as you’d expect, alongside a glass of the 2017 Rieslingfreak ‘No.2 Polish Hill’ Riesling ($15).

We peruse the menu further but before I have time to ponder the modern day restaurateur’s aversion to ‘Title Case’, the ‘wood fired fig, string cheese, burnt honey’ ($7) arrives. The glaze on this dish was beautifully sweet, and the figs… well, they were figs. Great dish all round, but left me wanting for a less chewy cheese as an accompaniment. Seven bucks though, can’t really go wrong.

The next to come out was the Geraldton Kingfish, Smoked King Salmon, Tomato Water, Cucumber, Chickpea Leaf ($23), which was as fresh as it gets, and the flavours balanced with extreme precision.

Noise from the Airbus above our heads briefly interrupts our conversation with Craig Pietersen (of LazyBones fame – next on my hit-list), who was sat at the table adjacent us. As the plane noise peters out, my father announces ‘Emirates’.  

Our main share plate of Gooralie Pork Neck, Loukaniko, smoked Eggplant, Olive & Silverbeet ($37), arrives with a glass of the appropriately named 2014 Corzano e Paterno ‘Chianti’ Sangiovese – Tuscany ($16). The Pork was sticky and beautiful with an almost crispy coating shrouding a melty interior.

Special shout-out to the Wood Fired Beans, Samphire, Mograbieh & Chili ($16)… you the real MVP.

All-in-all I really liked Barzaari. I’m not sure if it’s the kind of place that would feature on my regular rotation, but certainly when the mood hits, and as a recommendation to those in the area.
Do visit.



65 Addison Road
NSW 2204
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