Fishbone (Alexandria)

I stumbled into Fishbone on a rainy day last week (as much as someone can stumble into any establishment in Alexandria), on account of having to change venues to a more accessible place, to meet a friend who was on wheels. He’d hunted down this local Fish & Chip outlet last minute, and was racing my uber to the scene.

Some places are hard to find when peering through the passengers window of a fast moving vehicle in wet weather. Not Fishbone. With a sign reminiscent of a Las Vegas drive-through Elvis-style wedding ceremony reception, a large red arrow indicates the direction to deep-fried goodness, and hovers over a rather ostentatious sign that claims “Voted No. 1 Best Fish & Chips in NSW”. For a moment, I embrace the dream, ignoring the caveat of “Talking Lifestyle National Radio Competition 2017”, placed below, in a more humble font size.

The interior catches me by surprise. It’s essentially a kiosk with a makeshift pergola. According to the owner, they recently took over from a Sandwich Bar that seemed to service the local workforce. It seems drab, but I actually like it. Particularly on a cold wet day, it’s nice to have a sense of ‘al fresco’ while still being sheltered from the misery of mother nature.

On the menu, sustainable fish (great to see) and all things fried and battered. To obtain a well-rounded idea of the wares here, we opt for the Mixed Fried ($19), which puts us across the battered fish fillets, calamari rings, prawn cutlets and fries.

This pairs well with a couple of beers and a Medium Greek Salad ($12.50)

You can tell from the first bite that the fish is of good quality. This actually goes for all the seafood. It may not command the same respect given to other fine seafood establishments in our coastal country, but it’s respectable.

Best Fish & Chips in NSW? Not unless the entire voting population of ‘Talking Lifestyle’s National Radio Competition’ extends to the complete Fishbone staff roster and their immediate family. The claim appears to do the Fish & Chips an injustice. Without the avowal assertion of superlatives upon entrance, I may have been more forgiving on this flagship dish.

Still, check it out if you’re in the area. I quite liked it.

88 McEvoy Street
NSW 2015
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