Two Chaps (Marrickville)

It had been a while since I had the luxury of sitting at a forty five degree angle on a wobbly wooden bench while enjoying my lunch, so a visit to Marrickville local favourite ‘Two Chaps’ sorted that particular hole in my calendar right out.

If you’re not aware of ‘Two Chaps’, they’re also the chaps behind Pizza Madre. Whoever these ‘Chaps’ are, they don’t mess around with their Coffee (or bread!). It feels like I’ve already written the word ‘Chaps’ more than the product description copywriter of a fetish clothing retailer, but I digress.

It would be safe to say this cup fights for the crown of best-in-the-inner-west. An accolade that understandably, will never truly be won.

As a proud young non-homeowner, I elect the Avo toast, beetroot hummus, seasonal leaves, Davidson plum and sherry vinaigrette, pickled radish, Meredith pepperberry chèvre
and pepitas ($16)... with mushrooms. A tremendous concoction of flavours all in all, but I would note; I’d prefer the act of eating the dish to take longer than reading its description.

My lunchmate had the same but added some extras. Although I couldn’t hear him ordering them over the barking of the hundreds of neighbourhood dogs that appear to frequent trendy cafes more than I do. So just look at the picture and play ‘spot the difference’.

When parting, I made sure to take home a loaf of Khorasan Sourdough (don’t ask), which was smaller than I’m used to, however turned out to be the perfect size for a day or two’s lightweight use.

Jolly good show Old Chaps.

Two Chaps
122 Chapel Street
NSW 2204
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