JUSTE (Paris)

If crustaceans are your jam, this 9th Arrondissement hot spot is sure to shuck your shell. Half restaurant, half posh-grocer, JUSTE narrows its focus on seafood with the hardest shells to crack, and allows you to consume on the spot, or at home (for a -40% price reduction).

Oysters come served with the obligatory bread basket, a slice of lemon and an optimistically large knob of garlic and herb butter. If you’re clever enough to order a dozen or half, JUSTE’s own branded wine comes at just €1.50/glass as an excess. The wine is good.

Clams, Cockles, Sea Snails and more are all on offer (although I’m told the menu changes daily).


JUSTE / Paris

JUSTE / Paris
48 Rue Laffitte,
Paris, France

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