Un Vinito? (Paris)

The definition of a quintessential Parisian restaurant has long been etched in the scriptures of cuisine and cliches run rampant on this concept. But I would argue that the quintessentially of Parisian establishments is far more transient today than ever before. Paris is multicultural. A melting pot of cuisines, and only those who cook with love, survive. The only thing that hasn’t changed is how small the kitchens often are.

Un Vinito is a great example of the New Parisian standard. Owners Andres and Yvonne, a couple from different corners of the globe, serve up South American food and wines, and Tapas with a Scottish twist in their cosy restaurant on Rue Reaumur.

Although the lions share of the customers dine al fresco, the standing-room interior is littered with fairy lights and knick-knacks that contribute to the snug and comfortable atmosphere.

You really get the sense that you’re in their apartment, as Yvonne – a Scottish expatriate – slaves away in a minuscule kitchen, churning out some incredible dishes, such as the Pimenton Rilleno, or Stuffed Pepper, jam packed with Chorizo and Cheese.

Her husband Andreas takes care of the drinks, pottering around the outside tables like a dinner party host with his finger on the pulse. We were drinking the Etchart Provado Torrontes (2017), an Argentinian White, which is a fantastically good drinking wine. Every now and then Andreas will sneak up behind you and refill your glass.

The ‘platter’ selections are great too, if you like charcuterie, and come in two different size varieties – wee (another tip of the hat to the Scots) and big – depending on how many people you’re dining with.

I intend to return to try one of their Quesadillas, as my keen eye saw one being delivered to the adjacent table, and my fomo was suppressed only by my stomach being as stuffed as the peppers I’d just consumed. No matter though, this place is definitely a ‘haunt’. Once you’ve been, increments between revisits are sure to shrink.

Un Vinito has all the necessary ingredients of what I would attribute to the new Parisian culinary norm. Love, passion, a melange of cuisines and eclectic flavours packed into a space no lager than your living room. And you feel just as welcome as if you were there.

Un Vinito?

22 Rue Réaumur



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