The Grilled Cheese Factory (Paris)

Very few people in their right minds could resist the gooey temptation of a proper grilled cheese sandwich. Vegans perhaps.

The Grilled Cheese factory is tucked safely away around the corner from the Bastille, just far enough away that the only ‘Jaune’ you’ll see is from the ‘Fromage’ and not the ‘Gilets’. A warning though, its impact can be just as momentous.

As is becoming increasingly popular here, TGCF looks like something you’d find in Brooklyn, or places who attempt to emulate it, like Surry Hills. But the proof is in the pudding, or in this case, toastie.

The menu is simple and leaves us with little need to ponder options. We split the difference over a Bacon Toastie (11.50) and a Pastrami (13.00).

The difference is as you might expect, but the Pastrami also sees the addition of ‘abondance’ cheese to the regular ‘Mozzarella & Cheddar’ base. Both were amazing, but the pastrami wins out in the end.

It’s certainly the kind of lunch that halts any chance of further conversation at your table. You may be tempted to order another serving after your first, but I warn you now; If you value your mobility, give yourself some time before making this decision.

It’s a lot to take on, physically and emotionally.

The Grilled Cheese Factory

9 Rue Jacques Cœur



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