Da Mario (Rosebery)

Every now and then one needs an Italian carb-fiesta, festooned with the filling delights that would bring colour to any Fellini film. That’s where Da Mario comes in. You may – like me – remember Da Mario from such evenings as Tuesday (when Lucio’s is closed). Its sleek, modern interiors appear to be a prerequisite […]

Mjølner (Redfern)

What possible delights could lie behind the clandestine wooden door, tucked away in a nondescript and otherwise featureless location on Cleveland Street? The entry is modest, but somewhat sinister at the same time. Creaking open the rustic wooden door, you’re face to face with the business end of a Viking Ship. You quickly get the […]

Le Mary Celeste (Paris)

Le Mary Celeste is named after an American merchant ship, whose crew mysteriously vanished at sea back in 1872. Though, the bar itself has done anything but vanish from my ever-evolving ‘Paris recommendations’ shortlist. In fact, it consistently ranks around the top. Last week I stopped in for my monthly fix of boozy lunch, to […]

Sashimi Shinsengumi

Apparently if you’re wanting to dine at Sydney’s best Omakase Sushi pedlars, it takes a team of people manning phones all day to even get a shot at a table. They open for bookings just one day in every month, and if you’re fortunate enough to get through, you’ll need five friends at the ready […]

Barzaari (Marrickville)

A Marrickville gem I’d been meaning to get around to, presented itself as an opportunity last week, when a casual mid-week dinner with my father was in order. He likes to talk about wine and planes during dinner, so Barzaari was a great choice to enjoy a few glasses with our meal, right underneath the […]