Sydney’s Best Latin American – The House of Luis Tan

*** FEATURED IN CITY HUB – BEST OF SYDNEY 2015 *** It takes a lot to get me to Bondi, but the team behind ‘The House of Luis Tan’ has just what is takes to do so! Fresh onto the scene, but boasting a crew of handlers with a wealth of experience, this trendy eastern […]

Sydney’s Best Cocktail Bar – The Owl House

*** FEATURED IN CITY HUB – BEST OF SYDNEY 2015 *** Step into this cosy clandestine Darlinghurst gem to experience the coolest cocktails Sydney has to offer, from some of the world’s finest mixologists. The soundtrack can range from The Smiths to Jimi Hendrix, and the clientele are generally discerning locals, who know where it’s […]

Sydney’s Best Pizza – Lucio Pizzeria

*** FEATURED IN CITY HUB – BEST OF SYDNEY 2015 *** As a self proclaimed Pizza Nazi, I find it difficult to dine at places that don’t serve proper Neapolitan Pizza. The ones that do (and do it well), tend to be knighted with the ever-coveted AVPN seal of approval (Google it, I’m sick of […]

Grey Goose ‘La Boulangerie’

I’ve knocked back many a vodka in my time, but never have I experienced it in such diverse a fashion as I did at the launch of ‘La Boulangerie’, an artisan pop-up, coming to Yellow Restaurant from Friday 21st August until Sunday 6th September. Midday on a Tuesday is as good a time as any […]

Cheekyburger (Paddington)

When your face is as scarred as mine is, it becomes difficult to successfully grow a beard. Fortunately, beards only come in handy in seldom situations, such as; shrouding your identity after a bank heist, or tucking into one of the artery-clogging staples at Paddington’s ‘Cheekyburger’. The graffiti plastered courtyard creates a salubrious environment to […]

Nomad (Surry Hills)

With the exposed wooden beams and ventilation ducts that snake throughout the ceiling of this beautifully ambient Surry Hills mess hall, I find myself wondering whether or not I’ve ended up on the set of the next Justin Timberlake music video, rather than Sydney’s culinary institution, Nomad. These reflections are quickly quashed over a glass […]

Sweet Street

Anyone who’s known me longer than a DJ set will be aware that I’m not typically the dessert type. But who am I to pass up the opportunity to attend Anna Polyviou’s increasingly popular ‘Sweet Street’ sugar festival? Some of Australia’s evilest of geniuses get together once a year to create and collaborate over some […]

Basement 33

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Goulburn Street’s Haymarket end, is nestled a brand new hidden bar gem – worthy of any nightlife veteran’s attention. At present, the entrance looks like a cross between an underground karaoke bar (which I’m later told it once was!) and a Thai massage parlour – although the delights found […]

Charlotte Cafe

Balmain and its surrounding suburbs of Birchgrove and Rozelle, have become awash with visitors from all corners of the city, keen to tuck in to its cosmopolitan selection of trendy cafés and restaurants. Precisely why a visit to Charlotte’s Café in Birchgrove, provides such pleasant respite from the hustle and bustle. A place where locals […]