Gramme (Paris)

Gramme Cafe is so new you can literally still smell the fresh paint on the outside walls of the establishment. I got the tip from a good friend who is a local here now, and whose wife hunts out the best haunts like the Sherlock Holmes of the Haute Marais. Initially stopping in for a […]

Banh Mi Phuong + Banh Mi Queen (Hoi An) – Banh Mi Diaries

Finally reaching the Apex of my Banh Mi quest, and having eaten an average of two rolls a day for a couple of weeks, I land upon Banh Mi Phuong. I felt like Wilson and Penzias accidentally stumbling across Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, and falling ass-backwards into the Nobel Prize. Except instead of something gold […]

Banh Mi 37 (Saigon) – Banh Mi Diaries

And now for something legit AF. Banh Mi 37 can be tricky to find, as it doesn’t technically have an address. We arrive in an Uber, and ask directions of a man sitting on the road, who points between two buildings and nods his head. Banh mi 37 is a food truck that sets up […]

Banh Mi 362 (Saigon) – Banh Mi Diaries

Upon landing in Saigon, we decided to grab the nearest Banh Mi to our hotel, in an effort to temper the jet lag. That place happened to be Banh Mi 362. Herein begins the Banh Mi Diaries. This bakery turned franchise (can’t you tell?) boasts everything you wouldn’t expect from a Banh Mi outlet in […]